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Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Lost Angels - New Young Author

Hi My Lovely Readers

Great news. There are several new books ready for you. I have taken a new young author under my wings and her work is just extraordinary. She creates great story-lines and superb, omg this is real, erotic passages that will have you drooling.
Her name is Hannah Blackbird. She is 23 and writes like she has such a wealth of experience. You have to read to fully appreciate. We have published some 5 stories so far but she has a huge bank of work that is unpublished. I am looking forward with lip licking anticipation to reading and publishing more from her. The  stories to date include LOST ANGELS.  
The story begins:
Some memories don’t stick. They’re not important or consequential enough to make a lasting impression. But I remember Aiden. Everything about Aiden. For the first time in my life, in my messed-up shunted around excuse of a life, I felt as though I’d found someone who came from the same place.
We were young. Young and angry and selfish and dangerous. I think we felt as though the world owed us something. It was easy to make that assumption, especially when we were wandering around Los Angeles, wide-eyed and hungry.
We were always hungry back then. I’m not sure what for. Success. Excitement, maybe. We’d slope down the streets of Bel Air, Brentwood and Beverly Hills, shirts and hair damp with sweat as we looked at everything we didn’t have.
There’s no harm in looking. We saw the wealth, the homes, the cars; everything jutting out, offensively on display like a porn-star with over-enhanced tits. There was something both sickening and extraordinary about it.
Summer had set in. The rich families had gone on vacation. The houses lay empty. Big, gated residences with pretty gardens. Palm trees. Balconies and pools. We’d see the maids go in, the pool cleaners, and once a week, the gardeners. They worked in a perfect routine.
We timed it. Picked the easiest house. Waited until the maid left. Ran around the back, pushed through the tall hedge and cut a hole in the wire fence. It tore a scratch in my leg, made the blood trickle down to my ankle.
Pristine white sun loungers were out by the pool. It was secluded, private. Aiden caught the hem of his t-shirt and pulled it off. He kicked his boots off, unzipped his jeans, stripped down out of his boxers and dived in one perfect arch into the pool.
“Fuck!” he gasped, surfacing. “Get in here, Lise!”
I didn’t need to be told twice. We swam up and down, raced each other, luxuriating in the clean, perfect water.
“Imagine if we actually lived here,” I breathed. “If we were like this rich couple with all this to ourselves.”

The story weaves a story that will have you wondering what will happen




 And watch out for more stories coming your way. You will not be disappointed. She has also asked me to tell you that one of her books will be on special offer on the weekend of 7th August. Just over a week away. What a treat

I'll tell you more nearer the date.

Good luck and keep reading and listening

Jim Masters