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Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Taboo: The Brat and Friend: A Threesome Made in Heaven

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Its new and ready for you now. Read on Kindle, as a paperback or listen on Audible. This short story is best

listened to alone in bed or under the covers with your favourite person for intimate pleasure as you cuddle up.

Taboo: The Brat and Friend. A threesome made in Heaven is oozing with erotica so if this offends you then move on. If, on the other hand, you find this exciting then pick up a copy and enjoy.

Here is a glimpse of the opening sequence:

    July drifted into August and the heatwave continued. Threatened hose-pipe ban and farmers complaining that their harvests were small because of the lack of rain. Aerial photos showed a brown and parched land.

   But for the most part everyone was happy. Blue skies and bright sun make people happier, less anxious and stressed. And I was living on my boat. I still had my apartment back home, cheap and cheerful but I was spending more time with the boat. Now I’d spent some time leaning her up and buying new bedding, china, cutlery and general bits and pieces. Practical stuff, low cost. I’d thrown out everything. The boat was in good shape but it hadn’t been used for a couple of

years looked a bit sad. Now it was brighter and felt like home.

   I’d won three quarters of a million on Lotto and had plans but for now I was as frugal as before. Sure I’d replaced everything but cheaply. I wanted to get used to the boat and eventually sail her to Spain where I planned to buy a villa and live. As a writer I could work anywhere. I certainly didn’t intend to stop writing, in fact the money would give me the opportunity to have new opportunities and experiences that I could write about.

   When I first bought the boat I stayed in a bed and breakfast place which suited me fine. Now I’d made the boat livable I stayed aboard. There was a small galley in the living area and a bedroom with a double bed. There was a tiny toilet come shower room too. Minute but practical, especially as I was staying over two or three nights.  The seating in the lounge converted into a bed so that made two bedrooms. I was having a ball.

   I took her out of the Marina every morning and was becoming quite competent.  The I sailed the Bay, getting more adventurous each day. I’d started writing again and found the sea swell calming. I was writing about 2000 words, this was more than I wrote back in my tiny apartment. I guess I was happier and able to concentrate here. I was really enjoying myself and looking forward to fulfilling my plans.

   Sitting enjoying a coffee and the mobile rang. I didn’t have many friends really and rarely had a call.

   “Hi David! This is Gemma. How are you?”

    It was a month since Gemma had come down and stayed a few nights in a hotel. My step brother was having some marital problems and he’d asked if his daughter Gemma could stay with me. I think  he thought it would give him a breathing space to sort out his marriage. She stayed and turned out to be a 19 year old vixen. We’d both got drunk and I was brave enough to go to her bedroom in the hotel and see if I could get into bed with her. She welcomed me and we had a night of fucking.

 “Hi Gemma” I said, wondering if she wanted more, and hoping she did. “How are you?”

   “Everything is good, thanks. Can I come down to see you again. You still out in your boat? That was so fun. Just for a few days before I go back to college.”

   I thought about it . . . for about 1 second. “Yes That will be fine. I’m staying on the boat now. You know the set up. I’ve spruced everything up now, so it’s looking ship-shape, as they say. The shower room is a bit cramped  If you will be comfortable with that then you are welcome.”

   “Oh David yes. That will be so good. Can I come in the morning and stay for three days? That won’t be too much trouble will it?”

   “No! Of course not. Call me and let me know what time you arrive and I’ll meet you at the station. Any idea what time?” I asked. I didn’t want to take the boat out and have to race back.

   “I was thinking of leaving early. Probably get there around 11ish. Is that ok?”

   “That sounds good. I’ll have a lie-in and wait to hear from you. See you tomorrow ” and I hung up.

*   *   *

   Next morning I didn’t get up early. I stayed in bed till eight. That was late for me. I had made a list out and went shopping. I needed to stock up. The store was a supermarket express, and they are the same throughout the country so I I knew my way around and was quick.

   I had a small fridge and freezer working off gas. I could only keep a couple of days food there. I stored tins and dry goods in a locker under some seating. And I bought some more wine, gin and whisky, juice and sparking water. I’d use all that myself without company.

   I got back to the boat and unpacked. Quick look around to check everything out. I didn’t know how it was going to pan out, whether Gemma wanted to sleep in my bed with me or on the lounge bed. I’d play it by ear. I hope for sharing and some sex with a gorgeous 19 year old . She was so hot and last time had been incredible. The first time I’d hade sex for several years and it is like riding a bike. You never forget.

   Leaving the boat and walking across to my tiny car I greeted a couple of other owners. The marina is quite a community and everyone speaks, if only a cheerful greeting. Maybe it was the environment, away from work and home, mortgages and bills, but I didn’t see anyone looking downcast.

   I drove to the train station and parked up. 20 minutes free parking for Railway business  the sign said. That would be long enough, the train was due in five minutes. I walked across to the station and waited on the concorde with the other ten or so people who were obviously there to welcome family or friends. I had a few minutes and tried to guess who they were meeting. A middle-aged  couple waiting for their university offspring? An older guy with a beard, looks like an academic might be waiting for a colleague, maybe a visiting lecturer. The there was a young guy: I bet he was waiting for his girlfriend.  There were other but I could see the train approaching slowly pulling into the station. This was the end of the line and the train slowed and stopped just short of the bumpers fixed to the track.

It always seems to take ages for the passengers to disembark so my thoughts went back to the waiting  crowd . Now the first passengers were coming through the barrier. Many had wheeled cases they were pulling and came through the wider barrier for disabled people. The standard ones seemed just too narrow for ease. How wrong you can be. The young guy welcomed another guy and they kissed. Then they walked off hand in hand, both good looking and looking like sports-guys. Got that wrong. The academic type met a young woman and they held hands looking at each other, not related I was sure, looked like a more romantic. Looked like they wanted to embrace but perhaps not here in the middle of the passengers streaming around them.

   Where was Gemma? People still emerging. Finally I saw her. She was hatting to a girl about the same age, nineteen or so. They were in animated conversation. Probably met on the train and chatted all the way. Gemma looked smart as usual, red jacket, plait and beret like I remember the first time I saw her.  Through the barrier and I stepped forward to greet her. She turned to the other girl as if to say goodbye but she didn’t.

   She turned back to me “David thank you so muck for putting up with me again” the she turned to the girl “This is Tina. She’s my best friend. I hope you don’t mind her coming too” 

  What did she mean? Had she brought along a friend without asking? We could manage but why hadn’t she asked.

   I held my hand out “Nice to meet you Tina” I said, smiling.

   “Thank you for having me, letting me stay with Gemma. “ I looked at her. 19 years old, long blond hair, baby blue eyes, short. Petit I guess with a good figure from what I could see. She was smartly dressed like Gemma, wearing a lightweight cream, almost blazer jacket over a sky-blue blouse and navy blue skirt with heels. They both looked stunning. But all my expectations of sex with Gemma were evaporating fast. Maybe last time was a one-off and Tina was her safety net.

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Monday, 19 November 2018

Taboo: Kay is Satisfied

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Another day. Another dollar. Another story. Here is one of my five new erotic stories evoking taboo thoughts and deeds.
Taboo: Kay is Satisfied
Another JIm Masters short erotic story just for you.

  I guess I was lucky. I’m a writer, not very successful. But my luck came from the Lotto win of nearly three quarters of a million. I’m in my late forties and on my own. I was planning on making a home in Spain but keeping a small property here too, as a fallback. I hadn’t told anyone about my win and I hadn’t gone wild. I’d bought a cheap small car and a bigger investment. Just over ten thousand on a second-hand cabin cruiser.

It was nearing time to go to Spain on an exploration trip when I hoped to find a property. Nothing expensive. I needed a marina for my boat, a place that was lively but not a drunken wild destination. I would write there and maybe would strike lucky with that. I wanted a place overlooking the beach and sea, and within walking distance of shops and cafes.

But that was the future. Right now I was down on the coast back home where I had a mooring in a marina. I was here a lot

I was getting to know the local shops and café’s now after a few weeks. I’d started taking my dirty washing home when I went but was soon using the local laundry wash, I’d found a couple of really friendly cafés, and the local boat yard had become a wealth of information and store for supplies and equipment.

The Laundry Service was a self-service place, a row of washing machines opposite several commercial driers. It was simple. I wasn’t rushed for time so I would sit and wait. Gave me time to think about my day and what I would be doing. Kay ran it with her daughter. They would take dirty washing, put it through the process and even iron for a modest amount. Some days they were really busy and others sat and chatted. Usually there was just one of them there except on Mondays and Fridays which seemed the busiest

It was a Wednesday and Kay came and sat with me. She was slim, but not skinny, she must have been at least thirty eight as Penny, her daughter, was just turned nineteen. But she looked about 28 years old. Kay was blonde, probably out of a bottle, her hair cut short and in a bob. She was average height, certainly shorter than me. She was always cheerful and smiling. I’d noticed she always wore bright red lipstick and had matching nails. She often wore red heels too. Maybe that should have sent signals to my brain. She usually wore figure hugging trousers and a blouse; often open one button too much for modesty, showing her breasts which looked firm and round. Now read on . . .  

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