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Monday, 22 October 2018

Knocking Up the Brat Boxed Set: First Time Taboo Erotic Step Romance Audiobook and more

Hi Listeners

Here is an erotica  I narrated recently. 

Knocking Up the Brat Boxed Set: First Time Taboo Erotic Step Romance  Audiobook – Unabridged

Three short stories about older guys and young babes. Each story is self-contained and hot. Listen alone or with your favourite person:

This bundle contains three steamy taboo stories about the men of the house knocking up their brats!
Volume one:
The innocent brat was about to make the man of the house a daddy!
I wanted a baby more than anything, so when the lady of the house and I get the news she can't get pregnant again, it's beyond heartbreaking.
But I have this crazy idea. What if the brat can give me a baby? She's talked about wanting kids.... Now it's time to put her desires to the test.
Volume two:
Divorced, but not alone.
Jada was my brat, and she was absolutely gorgeous. As the man of the house, I offered her a place to stay when things with her mom got too stressful. One night, I heard her pleasuring herself in her room. After hearing those moans, I just knew I had to have her.
So I came up with a plan. Now it's time to see if it works. Will Jada take the bait, or will she ignore my advances?
Volume three:
The brat wants me. At least, that's what she's led me to believe. She's the loner type. When I come home after work to find her alone, we have some time together, and I can't contain myself anymore.
I take what I want, and she lets me. That's the good part. The bad part? Well...

And in addition here is another erotic story I narrated, this one a year ago and it's been selling well ever since.

The Daughter Swap (Daughter for Sex Book 2)
Here are the opening lines. Enough to leave you feeling hot and bothered I hope.

From the very moment I offered my daughter to a stranger and his wife and then watched as they fucked her, I knew I wanted to do it again. I had no desire to fuck my own little girl – I mean; how weird would that be? All the same though, I got very hard watching her getting put through her paces by a much older couple and I wanted more of it. A lot more.
    A solution came up a lot faster than I anticipated and much closer to home than I would have imagined. Paige had been best friends with the petite blonde, Heidi, for most of her life; a skinny little pixie of a kid that you wouldn’t look twice at. Or at least, that was how I remembered her. Then I came home from work to find the two of them on my couch in skimpy halter necks and
shorts and my cock nearly burst out of my pants. She had grown up all of a sudden!
    I stood in the doorway for the best part of a minute and just ogled my daughter’s friend, not realising what a jerk I looked. Finally, Paige snapped me out of it. “I can give you a picture of her to perv over if you like, Dad!”
    “Oh, sorry!” I said weakly. “You’ve changed a lot, Heidi!”
    She giggled. “I’ve all grown up, Mr Cotton,” She stretched with her hands behind her head and pushed out her full bosom in a move designed to demonstrate exactly how much she had in fact grown!

    “Yes you have,” I said slowly and then quickly turned away as she was now staring at my very obvious erection. I had no idea how I was going to swing it but I was now determined to fuck this girl!

There is something to make you want to listen to this audiobook right now. 

I hope you enjoy listening to these audiobooks. Any comments you make will be welcome

Good Listening

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Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Carrie & Gwen's Threesome MFF: Erotic Diary of a Young Woman Five (Volume 5)

Hi Readers and Listeners

Written earlier this year by Abigail Andrews, this short story has two young women holidaying: 

Gwen and I were on a three day tan top up break in the sun. We met at the cafĂ© and Frank was the perfect gentleman: attentive, filling our glasses but not forcing wine on us, telling us about the town, what to do and where to go. We told him we were just chilling out for a couple of days, catching up on our tans and spending time together. I guess we should have known what to expect when Frank placed his hand on our knees under the table. He was a dirty old man and wanted to fuck someone young. It was obvious by the way he kept looking at our breasts: my summery dress was low cut and I had a quarter cut bra so there was plenty to see, the same with Gwen, she wore a wrap-around that was pretty open at the top. She was bra-less and you could see the outline of her breasts through the flimsy material. Franks stroked my leg and his fingers walked up my thigh. I knew he was doing the same to Gwen. She was looking at me and raising her eye-brows slightly. I nodded back. I could see his arms moving as I glanced down which confirmed what I already knew. He stopped and squeezed the top of my leg. I wondered if he would go further. I wouldn’t mind. Up close he had an aura about him of authority, in a quiet way. I liked that. Now read on with this steamy hot erotic story . . 

Good News. More stories from Abigail about Carrie's adventures.  She tells me that Carrie will be off to sunny Spain for a week with Gwen and Tim. What sexual adventures will these three encounter? Will they meet other members of the secret sex sect Club Eros? Life is full of coincidences, or are they? Is it magnetic attraction that brings like minded people to make their holiday one of racy excitement? 

More Good News. My new Taboo series of short stories is already available on Amazon, Kindle and Audible. Go t my author page for full details of my entire catalogue.  Click here now

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Monday, 15 October 2018

Hit and Run No Escape

Hi My readers and Listeners

Hit and Run, a recently new book is available on Amazon, Kindle and Audible NOW.

Here is a teaser of the beginning:

   Jack felt the crunch as if it was him . . . but it wasn’t. He ran across the road to see what had happened as a white van speed off, a white van with one red rear door , like it was a replacement, but he didn’t get the number,  it had gone too fast. He saw a girl laying there, her body in a distressed position, legs askew, blood trickling down her face. She looked in a bad way.
   Jack fumbled in his pocket and found his mobile. Dialling 999 he looked around for help. But there was none, and the driver and his van had disappeared. It was 9 at night and heavy rain splashed into the gutter. Jack was on his way home after a busy day and could do without this.
  “Ambulance please” he spoke abruptly into the phone. “A girl, run over, looks bad, bleeding heavily. Just in Stephenson Lane. You can’t miss us. Please hurry she looks in a bad way.”
   “Yes. She is breathing and I’m trying to stop the bleeding but I don’t really know what to do. It’s pouring with rain and I’ve got nothing to cover her with except for my jacket and that’s not protecting her.” His words trailed off. The operator spoke to him an, assured him. Gave some simple instructions and words of encouragement.
   Jack kept talking to the girl but she was unconscious and he knew this could mean big problems. Then he heard the welcoming sound.
   Emergency vehicles always turn on their sirens when within hearing distance of their destination, not to warn vehicle drivers, but to calm the casualties or victims and assure them help was arriving fast. Jack heard the siren and knew a paramedic would be there in a couple of minutes. He felt a little relieved but still anxious because the girl lay so still. He had stemmed the bleeding by pressing down on the wound but he didn’t actually know if this was doing any good.
   The ambulance screeched to a halt and the medic leapt out of the vehicle and across to Jack, who was still kneeling over the girl. “What happened?” asked the medic and Jack told her quickly what he had witnessed and how he had treated the girl. “You’ve done well” the medic said and called over to his colleague “Stretcher and neck brace, John”
   The next few minutes were a bit of a haze. These guys knew exactly what to do, of course, and soon the girl was on the stretcher, neck brace in place and inside the ambulance, where the paramedic was giving her his full attention. Jack was inside too. They assumed he knew the girl. And anyway he wanted his clothes back! The driver climbed into his cab and they were off, siren blaring. Sitting in the back of an ambulance, sirens blaring, smoked windows blanking out the night-light, swaying along with no let-up was an experience to the conscious passenger.

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