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Thursday, 25 January 2018

My Lovely Young CamGirl

Hi Readers and listeners

MY LOVELY YOUNG CAMGIRL is now available as an audiobook and we are already making sales. The feedback has been positive and one of my private beta reviewers said "This is a short story, very much to the point. And the point is erotic writing." she went on to say "I listened to it in bed last night and enjoyed the intimate way that Jim Masters reads, it's almost as if he is in bed with you, talking to you directly and conversationally, but very dirty talk."

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This is the first of a series of adventures with Natasha. The next two stories are about what happens over the same long weekend and is also available as a trilogy (All stories in one cover) called WebGirl Adventure in London which is available now as a book and on Kindle. Soon available as an audible book to listen in the privacy of your personal. world.

I will shortly be releasing Story Four which is about Jerry going to see Natasha in her home city in Columbia, watching her working in the studio and have a surprise frantic fling with her and her best friend Lucia. Can Jerry keep up with two 19 year girls who have planned an evening of hot steamy sex?  Want to know when this is released? Sign up now for my newsletter. Its up on the right of this page. There will be surprises and freebies coming too.

Your comments are really welcome. Got an idea for a story you'd like to see on Kindle or as an audiobook that you can listen to? Then write to me with your idea at I read all emails and will reply. 

Thanks for reading this bolg and good reading and listening.

Jim Masters

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