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Monday, 31 December 2018

Taboo: The Priest's Confession and more

Hi My Lovely Readers

It's the end of the year already. How time has flown. I can't believe it! Each year seems to fly by. So HAPPY NEW YEAR. I wish that you receive all that you want in the New Year.

Most New Year Resolutions finish within a couple of weeks but if I could suggest something that we all should follow it is to REACH FOR THE SKIES. Yes! You can achieve anything you want if you really apply yourself. You cannot re-run your life so make the most of every day and do everything that you want now. I promise you that if you don't then one day you will look back and wish you had.

The DreamCatcher was supposedly used by some Indian tribes to stop bad dreams and let good dreams glide through. Make your own dreams come true. The DreamCatcher is thought to energise and are hung by slepping chiuldren to stop nightmares. This year I'm writing some Horror Stories: watch out and keep your personal DreamCatcher handy!!

 I've new stories out and available. TABOO THE PRIEST'S CONFESSION

I'm Father Patrick O'Neil. Father Pat is what the local folks call me. I've been around, working inner cities, rural areas, Ireland, England, and some missionary work in China. All when I was training and just ordained. Now, I'm in a medium town and settled in for the last few years. 

The rectory is homely, and I've got a housekeeper. Moira is from the old country and in her late 50s, I should think. She is married and has been housekeeper here for many years. She keeps the place clean and tidy, cooks for me, and does my shopping, washing, and ironing. She is a great cook and always prepares meals for her days off so all I have to do is warm them up, usually in the microwave. Bit of a luxury these days. 

I'm 32 years old and have never been kissed! Not true. I'd had girlfriends when I was a teen and at college and had explored and enjoyed them and the experiences. But since being ordained, I had concentrated my thoughts away from such temptations; well, almost. I've been dragged off the straight and narrow a few times. Priests seem to attract many women. Maybe it's that priests should be celibate and so a challenge for some women

 I also keep pretty fit and have always done some boxing. The boxing priest has always been an attraction, although without my dog collar and in shorts, I'm just another bloke. Maybe my muscular frame is a bit of an attraction, too.

Anyway, to cut to the chase I have had sex with a couple of women and managed to keep it under the wire. One was a single mum with three kids who was having a bad time, husband walked out, cleaning jobs and suchlike to make a few pennies, but generally struggling. I was 24 year and still learning. Learning about people.  She came to bible study when she could and one day wanted to talk to me so I arranged for her to come around to the rectory early one afternoon so we’d finish in time for her to be home for the kids. Well! She broke down weeping and I did comfort her. She was tired out with the early mornings and stress. She had been left with huge debts by her husband and was getting threatening letters and now phone calls almost daily.  I arranged for some help, we alled a government debt helpline and got the money sided sorted out. With her husband gone the people chasing her were obliged to stop and find him. No debts were in their joint names.  Then I got her an assistant job in the local school which was better than getting up at 4.30 every morning to go cleaning. Being a priest gives me a bit of a sway with local organisations and getting Louise the job was one of the benefits.

It was two weeks later when there was a knock at the front door. I wasn’t expecting anyone. I’d always kept Tuesday evenings free to relax and do my own thing. Sometimes I went to see a movie. That night I was watching some TV, a documentary on Catch-up. I opened the door and Louise was standing there in the light of the open door. She was smiling.Now buy and read on . . . click here 

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Thanks for reading this post. Keep watching for more.

Love to you all

Jim xxx



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